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Women play important role in bringing hills and valley together: Dy CM

IMPHAL, November 6: The state, on Tuesday, came alive to reverberations of the brother-sister love during the celebration of the ‘Ningol Chakkouba’.

People of the state cutting across religion and communities celebrated the day with traditional feasts and exchange of gifts and blessings.

The streets were adorned with married women and their children going making haste for their parental homes where their brothers wait for their arrival.

Several organizations and institutions were also seen organizing community celebration of the day.

The MBC Centre church and Tangkhul Christen Church Trust New Delhi together organized a Ningol Chak Kouba feast and exchange of gifts at Manipur Baptist Church Manipur on Tuesday.

During the festival, women from the hills were invited to a traditional feast celebrating the brother-sister love between the hills and the valley.

The occasion was also attended by state Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam.

Addressing the joyous occasion, Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam said that women have a very vital role to play in bringing the hills and valley people together for a peaceful environment.

The festival is mainly celebrated by the Meitei community since the very beginning, and continues to do so, however, tribal have also started celebrating the festival, he said.

The state Dy CM also continued that it is difficult for sisters who are married to other far-off places to come to their parental homes for a day and celebrate the day every year.      

Women are the ambassadors of peace and will help the hills and valley to maintain love and unity on a higher level, he said.

The Ningol Chak Kouba festival is the purest festival in Manipur; it shows only the love between sisters and brothers, he observed.

This festival has no religion, ritual, and has no barrier among communities as to who can and cannot celebrate the festival, he said.

This festival Ningol Chak Kouba is the foundation of peace, unity and love in the state, he continued.

The MBC is taking a very important role in inviting the sisters who are married to other communities and celebrate the day in order to maintain the thread of love between the brothers and sisters, the Dy CM said.

The host guest of the function senior political leader and Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Rishang Keishing said that the love between brother and sisters is being tightened with the Ningol Chak Kouba celebration.

He added that the Ningol Chak Kouba can encourage good habit, nonviolence, and a safer society because the women plays and important role to bring together the various communities of the state.

Today’s Ningol Chakkouba celebration was attended by several women who are married to other communities and enjoyed a grand feast with their brothers and fathers who had come from various places of the state.

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