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Construction of Rashtriya Smriti Likely to be Completed Next Year

New Delhi, December 28: The construction work on the “Rashtriya Smriti” on the banks of River Yamuna is likely to be completed by October next year. The “Rashtriya Smriti” is to be the permanent place for holding last rites of departed national leaders like Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers and such other leaders as approved by the Government. The Government further proposes to develop the locations where former Prime Minister, late Shri I. K. Gujral and former President, late R. Venkataraman were cremated as samadhis and integrate these with the “Rashtriya Smriti.”

The “Rashtriya Smriti” will be landscaped with bold and simple geometry of nine squares of monumental dimensions and it will have a central court surrounded by stepped green area to accommodate large public attendance. The plaques of departed leaders will be placed in their memory.

The Government had in August, 2000 decided not to build any more samadhis of departed national leaders. However, Government has since permitted cremation and construction of samadhis of some departed leaders. Consequently, in January this year, it was decided to construct the “Rashtriya Smriti” on the banks of River Yamuna. The construction is being carried out by the Central Public Works Department.

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