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Salt scarcity ‘Rumour’ hits Kangpokpi

Kangpokpi, November 15: Thousand of people in and around Kangpokpi this morning throng some of the leading shops/store at Kangpokpi bazar to buy salt stating that there is scarcity of Salt in the state.

This morning at around 6 am some people queue up in front of M/S Manoj Store Godown in Kangpokpi Bazar and Anil Store in I.T. Road to buy salt stating there is scarcity of Salt in the state. The rumour spread like wild fire in the entire town and its adjoining areas that within a few minute the people who throng the two stores have been multitude thereby creating unnecessary alarmed in the town administration.

While probing the matter to the stores proprietors interestingly they were totally in the dark regarding the rumour stating they were astonish to take notice of the rumour but since the people are out of control they have no option but to pay attention to their demand.

One shop owner at Kangpokpi claimed that yesterday late in the evening some people from Senapati came to my shop and asked for 10 bags of Salt stating that there is scarcity of Salt in the state. So I made communication at Dimapur regarding the matter just to get a negative remark. I have told them but they do not believe me.

Even when the truth behind the rumour was informed to general public only few listen since the stupidity of the rumour has already been too high to control. However, Kanggui Youth Union was informed immediately about the pure rumour. Subsequently the Union takes up every possible step to ward off the rumour but nothing could be done to silence the rumour and the public anxiousness.

A reliable source informed that some buy one package of Salt even at the rate of Rs.50 which is sold at Rs.10 earlier. Therefore, the Youth Union warns every shop owner not to maintain the price of said item as usual that they should not hike the price at any cost. If any shop owners hike the price due to the rumour they should be fine befittingly.

They also appeals to the general public at least informed them if any of the shop owners hike the price of Salt.

In such situation, no one could be blame, either the innocent general public or the business establishment owners. The only thing which is highly required is a strong civil organization to control the situation and brings out the truth and make aware the people behind such rumour for the cause of the general public.

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