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Rumours of scarcity of salt rocket Manipur citizen

Imphal, November 15: Hundreds of thousands people of Manipur thronged a shops in their respective locality and queue up before the shops to buy a salt after a rumours of scarcity of salt on Friday.
Interestingly the price of the salt which use to sold at Rs. 10 per kg were sold in between Rs. 50 to 150 per kg across the state of Manipur by the shops owner according to their wills.

The price of the salt was sky rocket without any reason after the spread of rumours of scarcity in the state, surprisingly almost all of the stock holder said they were out off stock before 9:30am in the morning in almost of the district headquarters in the state.

Even the police has to dispersed the people who went to market to by a salt in Imphal city inspite of bandh.
Later at about 11:30am using a loudspeakers a security personnel made an announcement that there is no scarcity of salt in the state so if any shops owner are found selling the salt above the tag price will be punished according to the law of land and the public should also inform the nearest police station if they found shop owners selling it.

After the announcement made by the govt. the public who are in panic situation got some relief but some who have buy it in a bulk with a high price were disappointed.

Consumers Affairs & Public Distribution, minister M Okendro also made an appeal not to buy the salt in high price as there no need to be panic about the rumours of the salt scarcity in the state.   

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