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Fish fear kicks off ahead of Ningol Chakouba

Imphal, November 4: Fish Fear-cum-Fish Crop Competition 2013 kicks off on Monday at Palace Compound ahead of Ningol Chakouba one of the biggest and exclusive festival of Manipur.

The fish fear objective is to provide a fish to the public in a lesser price from the market on the outset of Ningaol Chakouba said PHED minister I. Hemochandra who graces the fear as a chief guest.

Fish is in the culture of Manipur and in its food habit where every poor of rich people can’t do any celebration or ritual without it. But the unfortunate thing is that Manipur cannot produce enough fish according to the requirement of the need of public.

Manipur has annually spent 150 to 200 crore rupee annually for importing of fishes from outside the state so the farmers of Manipur has to work hard to met the requirement of the state where the government will fully support to it added the minister though he may not be the concern minister.

Manipur need 35 metrics tones of fish annually for consumption but the state produce just above 20 metrics tones, so in the field of fisheries Manipur need a new revolution and export it to the other state instead of buying to others added PHED minister.

MD. Abdul Nassir, Agri. & Fisheries minister who grace the function as guest of honor stated that 90 percent of the fish found in the market are imported from outside so from next year let produce more fishes from next year.

The Fisheries minister also makes an announcement that from the next year onwards a cash price of Rs. 20,000 will be given to the farmer who can produces the largest amount of indigenous fish of Manipur.

In today fish fear more than 100 stalls opened and 25 metrics tones of fishes were produced for the public with a lesser price from the market.

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