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TMC chief demands President Rule in the State

Imphal, October 31: The Trinamool Congress Manipur Unit (TMC) strongly condemned the recent bomb blasts in the heart of Imphal City and demand for President Rule (PR) in Manipur on Thursday.

Speaking to the media person in a press meet at its office at Hotel Excellency former MP and president of TMC, Kim Gangte, stated that if we need to save Manipur we need PR in the state as the congress government is totally fail in protecting the public.

In a span of two weeks four powerful bomb blasts took place in the heart of Imphal city with a human casualty clearly proved that there is no governance under congress and the law and order situation is in the dose.

“For innocent civilian is there anybody”, “who is there for us” is there any government for the public who can protect it, the civilian are killed in a daily basis, what is the point of having such government added the former MP.

No one in the state feels secure now, there are full of security personnel but only for the MLAs and ministers, what about the public security, if the government can’t do anything for their public than let there be a PR in the state said Kim Gangte.

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