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“Kanggui is a beautiful and blessed place”: -Guv. of Manipur

KANGPOKPI (KANGGUI), November.6: “Kanggui is truly a beautiful place and a God’s blessed place”, noted the Governor of Manipur Dr. Ashwani Kumar before adding that this place has always fascinated me when I travelled along National Highway 2 and I always wish to stop here and spend at least a few times with peoples of the area and today my wish has been fulfilled.

The Governor of  Manipur was speaking to the people of Sadar Hills on his maiden visit to Kanggui on Nov. 4.

A grand reception of  the Governor of Manipur Dr. Ashwani Kumar and his first lady Mrs. Ashwani Kumar has been organized at Multi-Purpose Hall, Addl. Deputy Commissioner Complex, Kanggui.

“God loves the state of Manipur and its people very much and specially Sadar Hills Kanggui that the people of Kanggui, Sadar Hills have been blessed with a natural good quality water available without much shortage”, continued His Excellency while emphasizing the important of utilizing Solar Power in the hill district of Manipur Dr. Ashwani Kumar noted that Water is the fundamental rights given in the UN Declaration of Fundamental Rights.

He continued that fulfilling my wish of spending a few times with the peoples in this beautiful place is one important thing of my arrival at Kanggui and the second most important thing is the pleasant surprised to see fully uniformed students standing along the road side to show their warmest welcome with a placard inscribe neatly and clearly with the needs of the peoples and the areas with only few words that others need not have to tell me your demands.

Mentioned may be made that, student of various educational institution in and around Kanggui welcome His Excellency holding a placard written , “Developed Sadar Hills Developed India”, “Read our minds to know our wants”, “Implemented B.R.G.F. in Sadar Hills”, “Make us study in peace”, “Insurgency No…No…!”, “Depute D.C. in Sadar Hills”.

“Senapati district is the only district to have two Autonomous District Council in Manipur as well as in the entire North East India that according to my point of view, theoretically development should be doubled”, added His Excellency, the Governor of Manipur before toting up his concern and aware of the demand of devolution of more power to District Council and the so called 1971 Acts respectively.

“It vital on the part of the three level Govt. viz. Centre Govt., State Govt. and the District Govt. to ensured the Acts and Laws under the Indian Constitution were implemented effectively” maintained His Excellency adding that as far as money is concern, we are having sufficient money from the Govt. of India said His Excellency adding that the duty of the functionaries and the people is to utilize the money in proper manner.

While I have noted all your demands and keep in my heart always to remember to ensure for socio-political and economic development of the area and its people I do have a big dream on the part of the district administrator and the voluntary organization also works for the same asserted His Excellency, the Governor of Manipur Dr. Ashwani Kumar.

His Excellency, the Governor of Manipur spent at least one and half hours interacting with the Local MLA, Chairman and Members of Autonomous District Council Sadar Hills and other District Level Officers along with the Kuki Inpi (House of the Kukis), Kuki Women Union including Kanggui Town Committee, Kanggui Women Welfare Organization, Kanggui Youth Union and other civil bodies.

The local MLA Smt. Nemcha Kipgen in her short significant speech deliver her faith to His Excellency that his maiden visit will bring new changes and development in the area specially in health care, education system and women empowerment.

Chairman Autonomous District Council Sadar Hills Shri. Haokholal Hangsing narrated that even after the Manipur Govt. amended the so called Acts, “1971 Acts” with devolution of power to District Council after a lapsed of 20 years in 2010 with the hope that peoples of the Hill Areas had once again come to election to certainly cherished their hopes with the amendment of the Acts as well as devolution of power to District Council but hopes remains a mere hope nor the Acts implemented completely thereby lacking development, infrastructures and other amenities far behind than other District Council in the state as well as in the entire North East India.

The ADC Sadar Hills Chairman continued that while Chairman of other District Council in NE India and other states were made and vested the power of Chairman DRDA and local Planning Commission/Committee the Chairman of District Council in Manipur remains the only Chairman of District Council without the power of Chairman DRDA and local Planning Commission/Committee.

The intentional discrimination compelled the District Council in the Hill Areas of Manipur to ultimately demand complete implementation of Manipur (Hill Areas) Autonomous District Council Acts, 1971 with complete devolution of power, separate head, separate demand and other facilities enshrine in the Acts but that legitimate demand too has been ingored repeated and remain futile till today stressed Haokholal Hangshing.

While drawing the attention of His Excellency the Chairman ADC Sadar Hills pointed out that the 1989 Extraordinary Gazette of Manipur Government vested the power of Deputy Commissioner to Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Sadar Hills but till then the power and function of Addl. DC remain something like a mere SDO/BDO.

He further pointed out that Sadar Hills being not a full-fledged district all development programs, infrastructures and other amenities from the Centre Govt. as well as State Govt. jump over to other district evading Sadar Hills which make the district development far behind other district of Manipur.

The Chairman appeals the Governor of Manipur to avail the facilities of Backward Rural Grant Fund (BRGF) to Senapati District and make functional the Addl. DC as Deputy Commissioner with complete devolution of power and function at the earliest before adding that Autonomous District Council Sadar Hills has been functioning effectively like other Autonomous District Council of the state with components of all departments.

District Council Coordination Committee Secretary Shri. Hemjathang, MDC Autonomous District Council Sadar Hills illustrated before His Excellency that all the grievances and demands placed before him is the outcome of Sadar Hills being not granted a full-fledged district and appeals His Excellency to kindly advise the Govt. of Manipur to grant a full-fledged district to Sadar Hills at the earliest.

“We have Autonomous District Council after districthood has been granted by the Govt. of India in the year 1971. But where is the Deputy Commissioner of Sadar Hills?” asked Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills President Seimang Khongsai who repeatedly requested His Excellency, “Please Sir, Do not Forget, do not forget, do not forget and always keep in mind our big legitimate question”.

He also submitted a joint memorandum of Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, Kuki Women Union and Sadar Hills Chiefs Association demanding full-fledged district with Deputy Commissioner, upgrading CHC, Kanggui to 50-bedded hospital and PHC Saikul and Gamnom-Sapormeina to CHC, establishing one Polytechnic Institution and ITI as well as sanctioning construction of one Indoor Stadium at Kanggui.

In the meantime, Kuki Students’ Organization Sadar Hills on behalf of the student communities under Autonomous District Council Sadar Hills demand deputation Deputy Commissioner for Sadar Hills at Kanggui district headquarter at the earliest to throw away the 42 years of discrimination and humiliation of the people of Sadar Hills.

The student body president Thangminlen Kipgen further stated that Sadar Hills autonomous District Council remains the only district without Deputy Commissioner in India while adding that the 42 years discrimination hurt the dignity of the people of Sadar Hills and the student community in particular as they have to live with second class citizen.

On the other hand, Kanggui Town Committee, Kanggui Women Welfare Organization and Kanggui Youth Union have jointly urges His Excellency, the Governor of Manipur for construction of Rest House, Mini-Stadium, Super Market facilities, Multi-Purpose Complex facilities and expansion of CHC, Kanggui to district level hospital and plead for its speedy implementation.

A part from Autonomous District Council Sadar Hills, ZEO, Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, Kuki Women Union, KTC, KWWO, KYU and other civil bodies Suspension of Operation group UPF/KNF and KNO/KRA also present a traditional shawl as a gift to His Excellency and his first lady on their maiden visit to Kanggui in a reception function hosted by Addl. Deputy Commissioner Kanggui Shri. DK.Thangboi.

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