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“Is our schools in the state a wheel chair accessible? Buses has reserve seat for PWDs?, A Secretariat building has a ramp?” asks PWD

KANGPOKPI (KANGGUI), Dec.4: As part of the closing ceremony of the first District Level Sports Meet for Persons With Disability jointly organized by SDPAM and ADUSH in collaboration with MANEDA, all differently able persons in Senapati and Sadar Hills join the world in observing the 21st International Day of Persons With Disability here today at Community Hall, Kanggui under the theme “Break Barriers, Open Doors: for an inclusive society for all”.

The observation programmed has also been jointly organized by Senapati Disabled Peoples’ Association Manipur (SDPAM) and All Disabled Union Sadar Hills (ADUSH) in collaboration with Manipur North Economic Development Association (MANEDA).

With two beauty Queen, Miss Chinneihoi Neihsel, Miss Kut 2004 and Miss Lhingjanei Kipgen, Miss Kut 2013 as a Special Guest of the observation function, Ngamthang Haokip, IFC Minister, Govt.of Manipur and Nemcha Kipgen, MLA 50-Kangpokpi AC graced the function as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively while Rang Peter, MCS, Chief Executive Officer, ADC Senapati attended the observation as Functional President and T.Peter Rangnamei, Secretary, MANEDA as Chief Host.

Trumpet has been displayed in the guard of Honour to the dignitaries with the arrival of the guests followed by a football match between SDPAM and ADUSH at Brig. Thomas Ground where SDPAM defeated ADUSH by 1-0.

“It was hard to conducted the match, I thank God several times before the end of the game and I was so move that I could not control my emotion in the field” said central referee of the match Tolminthang Misao, a member of Kanggui Youth Union who conducted game.

“Though disabled, the activities, efforts and performances of the members of SDPAM and ADUSH in the football match as well in the observation truly signify their determination to removes all types of barriers and to realize the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in society and shape the future of development for all” asserted IFC Minister Ngamthang Haokip adding that the for the poor and needy, disable and orphans and the marginalized section of the society.

The Minister also assured to materialize demand of the SDPAM and ADUSH in the memorandum after concerning with concern Minister and MLA as well as the State Govt. while donating Rs.20, 000/- in cash.

Nemcha Kipgen, MLA 50-Kangpokpi AC, whom the PWDs of Senapati and Sadar Hills honour her with a title “Mother of Generation”, stressed the vital role of the able persons in motivating the spirit of the disable people for equal development and opportunity and to break the barriers and open door for them to join the mainstream of the society for an inclusive society for all.

She also averred that the commemoration of this year’s International Day of Persons With Disability provides an opportunity to further raise awareness of disability and accessibility in removing all barriers for differently-able persons in the society.

T. Peter Rangnamei, Secretary MANEDA said that the first world disabled day was observed in Senapati district with only 12 disabled persons in 2002 where not a single elected representatives was willing graced the occasion but today after 11 years it has been observed with the presents of one Minister and an MLA including some Govt. functionaries with two beauty queen adding that the attendances of today’ dignitaries signify their moral support of the activities of the disabled people.

“It is very unfortunate that most of the IAS officer in the state were not aware of the Equal Opportunity, Protection of Rights and Full Participation Act, 1995 passed by the Indian Parliament”, pointed out Rangnamei adding that this intensely hampers the development of disable society in the state.

He encourages every Church leader in Senapati and Sadar Hills to organize a day in a year preferably in the month of December for every disabled member in their respective Church so as to bridge the gap of the able and disable section of the society.

Others dignitaries including the two beauties queen encourage the differently-able persons and the society in materializing the theme of the International Day of PWDs in the days to come.

“Is our schools in Senapati and Sadar Hills in particular and in the state a wheel chair accessible?”, “A Secretariat building has a ramp?”, “Our buses has any reserve seat for PWDs?” asked Mangkholun Khongsai, President ADUSH adding that disabled society is still being neglected and the issue of development for them is far from being real with barriers still looming large in our society with opportunities so few for the differently-able persons.

In the meantime, SDPAM and ADUSH have proudly introduced Mr. Kaifas, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kaito Peter who had represented India in the International Peace Volleyball Tournament played between India and Sri Lanka at Bodhgaya, Bihar from Oct.21-25 last.

The three disabled International Volleyball players were felicitated on the occasion with a small gift from SDPAM and ADUSH for making the society proud and for being a role model to others persons with disability.

Mentioned may be made that Kaifas who been adjusted Man of the Series in the International Peace Volleyball Tournament at Bodhgaya also represented Manipur Disable Cricket Team in various occasion while Th. Johnson has recommended as Guide of Assam Cricket Team for the Disabled Cricket Tournament 2014 to be held at Lucknow, UP.

SDPAM and ADUSH in their memorandum urges the Minister to construct an Office building for SDPAM and ADUSH at Senapati and Kanggui respectively.

Various cultural dances, songs from Innocent Smile, Senapati and from other disable persons marked the occasion while prominent Kuki Gospel artiste Esther Sitlhou enthralled the gathering.

A part from dignitaries DK.Thangboi Haokip, MCS, Addl.Dy.Commissioner, Kanggui, President KISH, D.Weitsei, Dist.Co-Ordinator Inclusive Education for Disable, Reverends, Pastors, civil bodies took part in the observation.

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