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Gunfights betwwen KNF(P) and KRA(U) at Khengjang, AR apprehends 5 UGs with arms and ammunitions

KANGGUI, Dec.20: A gunfight occur late yesterday night at around 9 pm at Khengjang village located South West from Sapormeina Police Station between suspected KNF(P) and KRA(U).

There is no report of any casuality from both side though the gunfights last atleast one hour from 9pm to 10pm, according to the local residents.

In the meantime, 43 Assam Rifles 'C' Coy Motbung post apprehended three KNF(P) cadres and another two KRA(U) cadres in the aftermate search operation conducted by the AR in and around Khengjang as well as recovered arms and live ammunitions alongwith a land mine in place suspected to be a hideout of the militants.

Shortly after two three round of gunshot was heard at around 9 pm yesterday night there was a continuous gun shot in the village and everyone in the village bend down the floor due to fear of the gunshot since some bullet hit walls, ceiling, roofs and even utensils narrated one villager of Khengjang adding that the gun shot was heard till 10 pm in the night.

The village community hall wall has been hit by several bullet while the village Golden Jubilee Stone also bored various bullet marked as well as some utensils in a house and one local van has also been hit and damage severely.

We are learning a Gospel Hymns for the Christmas at the Church Hall while the incident occur narrated one Church member of the village adding that we laid down on the floor to saves our life.

In the meantime, 43 Assam Rifles Motbung Post rushed to the spot and conducted a search operation from 10:05 pm yesterday night till 4 pm this evening in connection with the incident and apprehended five UGs with arms and ammunitions including a mine.

Three cadres apprehended by the AR among the five UGs belongs to KNF(P) while another two belongs to KRA(U) said Maj.J Pal, Post Commander 43 AR Motbung Post before adding that one 9 mm Pistol with magazine and live ammunitions, one 7.65mm pistol with magazine and live ammunitions, one .22 Rifles with magazine and live ammunitions, two Chinese hand granade, one No.36 hand granade and one Mine were recovered during the operation.

The apprehended three cadres of KNF(P) has been identified as Tarzan(26), Cavandish(26) and Lunpimang Kipgen(18) while the two KRA(U) cadres has been established as Sgt.Gogou Chongloi(24) and Dehkholal(38).

The Khengjang Village Authority on the otherhand appeal to both everyone not to create fear psychosis among the villagers and avoid disturbing the prevailing peaceful environment during the Christmas season.

The Village Authority further said that gunfight within the village is a threat to many innocent civilian and every right thinking individual should at the best try to avoid such unwanted incident.

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