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Tobacco and banned food products with expiry date worth Rs 5 lakhs disposed in Chandel

Chandel, November 6: Smokeless Tobacco products along with banned food items with expiry date worth Rs 5 lakhs in local market was seized from the shop keepers of Japhou Bazar Chandel during a raid conducted under the aegis of Food Safety Officer (FSO) Chandel in association with Association for Voluntary Blood Donation (ABVD) Chandel Branch and later disposed of by burning at the premises of CMO Office Chandel today.

Food Safety Officer Chandel Elvison Thouman plunged into the action of raiding the shops today with the help of the Chandel Police, Volunteers of the ABVD and Analphung on getting the information of expired food products being sold openly by Shopkeeper of Japhou Bazar Chandel and seized huge amount of smokeless tobacco products like Scented Khaini, Raja Chap Khaini, Saajan along with banned food products imported from Myanmar. The Volunteers also came across a Drug Store keeping expired drugs or Injection for sale in the drug store during today's drive. The matter has been immediately reported to the concerned officials with the advice of the FSO Chandel.

Later, President of ABVD Rd Everjoy informed that the matter of shopkeepers selling expired food products came into light prior to the raid of today when he along with his friends bought a bottle of Fanta, which happened to be an expired one from one of the shop located at Chandel DC Lamkhai which was owned by one Rekha Devi. While questioning the shop keeper and checking of the food products sold by the shop keeper, they noticed several items including Kukere, Stop not Namkeen, Lays, Haldiram’s Bhujia, Sweet Toast, Sugar free organic cream, Bikano (Kashmiri Bhujia) which was expired were kept for sale in the shop said the President.

Rd Everjoy also informed that as per the information provided by the Shopkeeper raided four five stores and found food items like Parle G, Papads, cold drinks like Coca-cola, sprite and frooti which were  already expired.

FSO Chandel Elvison while talking to the media on the sideline of the raid informed that this is the third time of raid the first and and second being conducted during the last month. Briefing media of the raid conducted as an implementation of the Food Safety Standard Act 2006 to avoid sale of tobacco products and banned food products especially products imported from Myanmar in the market cautioned that a fine of Rs one to ten lakhs can be imposed as penalty for violating the act.

In his appeal to the shop keepers to abstain from selling tobacco and banned food products in the market and the general public to be aware of their right as consumers, FSO Chandel Elson Thouman thanked the AVBD volunteers for their help and support.

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