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Construction work for Sangai Fest progressing in full swing

IMPHAL, November 10: During the last four days, a marked acceleration has been witnessed in the overall construction of infrastructures and preparation for the Manipur Sangai Festival 2013 at Hapta Kangjeibung Imphal East Distict.

An Imphal Free Press team that went to Hapta Kangjeibung, at Palace Compound today noticed that the construction of approximately 600 stalls along with food courts has made progresses.

The construction work has been taking place under the aegis of the state Commerce and Industrial Department with MANIDCO being handed the task of construction of stalls in adherence to the blue print.

The technical assessment of the stall construction is maintained by Manipur Industrial Development Co-corporation (MANIDCO). And it assigned the actual building of the stalls to contractors of different tent houses. The Tourism Department has given the contract for construction of food court stalls of the festival to a small women agency called apex Handloom and Handicraft Artisans Co-operative Ltd for this year.

The Imphal East district security personnel in civvies has been deployed and security tightened for the festival in the area and precaution taken so that anyone who enters the campus passes through a metal detector test at the main gate of the campus.

The police have been conducting frisking exercises in and around the festival ground. The imperativeness for tightening the security in the area is tied to the horrific incident that took place during the 2011 edition of the festival when a rickshaw driver was killed in an explosion just outside the venue.  

According to the source, the southeast side of the campus will accommodate 200 premium stalls while the horticulture stall will occupy the adjacent space. On the western side, there will be 10 stalls for the officials, adjoined by the food court with a total of 100 stalls.

On the northern side, in the immediate vicinity of the main gate 300 standard stalls will be erected, and the extreme northern end has been reserved for MMTA. In the centre of the park, a space with a dimension of 15 X 15 square feet will attempt to attract the visitors with a festival theme.

The roofs of the tent are almost nearing completion but the separation of walls of the stalls is under process.

The source said that the construction is progressing with power drawn from generators as there is no regular power supply available. Few technicians are engaged in installation of luminous decorations on the road side of Palace Compound.

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